Are there any restrictions on what voices I can upload for voice cloning?

  • Updated

You must be the rightful owner of the files you upload to the Platform. You are responsible for all files you upload to and generate on the platform, and for the consequences of publishing those files elsewhere. ElevenLabs claims no rights over the files you upload to the Platform, except the right to review said files in accordance with local laws.

If you are unsure about whether you can publish content featuring a cloned voice, we advise that you consider your domestic law’s stance on copyright before publishing any such content.

At Eleven, we’re fully committed both to respecting intellectual property rights and to implementing safeguards against the potential misuse of our technology:

  • We only partner with clients who adhere to our Terms of Service which prohibit malicious use of our technology towards any purpose which can be deemed illegal or harmful;
  • When we use recognizable voices, we do so for technology demonstration purposes, on short fragments of works that are either open-source or belong to the public domain, and in contexts which are so far as possible socially and politically neutral. At the same time, all our demos contain clear information about the artificial origin of presented content;
  • We seek to support voice owners and their licensors in claiming their rights and all known infringements will be reviewed and actioned.
  • All clients who inquire about professional-grade voice cloning services must secure permission from the voice owner(s) for such use.
  • All audio generated by our model will be watermarked, so that it can be instantly traced back to us;
  • The technology we’re developing is new and clear regulation is yet to be introduced. Part of our goal as an AI research lab is to spread awareness about the existence of this technology, its potential, as well as its limitations.