Why are some numbers and words not properly pronounced or spoken in the correct language?

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In most cases, however, we strongly recommend writing out numbers, symbols, and acronyms fully to ensure that the AI has the most context and provides the correct output.

All models react differently to numbers, symbols, and acronyms and this is especially true for multilingual models since "11" could be "Eleven," it could also be "Once" in Spanish or "Elf" in German, which can confuse the AI in certain circumstances.

This also applies to symbols such as $ and €. Instead of writing $100, it is usually best and most predictable to write "a hundred dollars" or "one hundred dollars."

Furthermore, numbers, acronyms, and foreign words sometimes default to English when prompted in a different language. For instance, the number "11" or the word "radio" typed in a Spanish prompt may be pronounced as they would be in English.