What audio formats do you support?

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Via the website, ElevenLabs delivers audio in the MP3 and WAV formats.

Speech Synthesis

44.1kHz/16bit MP3

128kbps (Free, Starter, Pro, Scale)

44.1kHz/16bit WAV 


44.1kHz/16bit MP3

128kbps (Creator)

192kbps (Pro, Scale))

  • In Projects, the quality setting also affects other things about the generation, not only the compression quality.


44.1kHz/16bit MP3

128kbps (Free, Starter)

192kbps (Creator, Pro, Scale)


16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz (Free, Starter, Creator)

44.1kHz (Pro, Scale)

If you are a developer utilizing our API, any endpoints that provide audio responses will return bytes for an MP3 file.

If you require another format, please reach out to our Enterprise Department directly via this webpage. We will be happy to discuss a tailor-made plan that meets your specific requirements.