What is Projects?

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Projects is an end-to-end workflow for creating very long-form content. It allows you to upload a full book or document. You can even import a whole webpage via a URL. The AI can then generate a voiceover narration for the entire book, document, or webpage. You can then download either individual MP3 files for each chapter or as a single MP3 file for the whole audiobook.

Supported formats

  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • TXT

This workflow is perfect for those who want to create narrations for very long-form content. It also comes with a few nifty features that expand its usability, such as the ability to select different voices for different sections, which makes it very easy to create a table read or an audio drama for your text. You can also regenerate only individual paragraphs or sections that you are unhappy with, saving quota if you just want to change something within the text, not the whole text.

If you want a more in-depth explanation and guide on what Projects is and how to use it, we highly recommend reading the full documentation here.