What is Dubbing?

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ElevenLabs was founded on the idea of creating amazing dubbing; a tool that would allow you to create a perfect dub in any language you desire, using the original voice of the actors and preserving the original performance, making all content more accessible.

To get started, click “Create New Dub”, and you will be presented with a window containing a few different choices. First, you will be asked to name the dub and select the original language and the language it will be dubbed into. Then you will be asked to select the video or audio you want to dub. You can either upload a video or audio file that will be dubbed or import a video directly from YouTube, TikTok, X (Twitter), Vimeo, or other URL. There is a 100mb and 45-minute limit on how long the clip can be that you upload. You need to stay below both.

If you want a more in-depth explanation and guide on what Dubbing is and how to use it, we highly recommend reading the full documentation here.