What are Voice Actor Payouts?

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Voice Actor Payouts with ElevenLabs allow you to generate and share a digital clone of you voice, which can be used in projects worldwide. Here are the key points regarding Voice Actor Payouts:

  • Creating Your Voice Clone: First you need to create a Professional Voice Clone of your voice.  Professional Voice Cloning is available on the Creator plan and above.  The minimum we recommend would be 30 minutes of clean audio samples containing only their voice, with no background noise or effects. Please read the guide to ensure you comply with it for the most accurate cloning. The training data should be uniform in style and delivery to ensure a high-quality voice clone.
  • Verify Your Voice Clone: After you've uploaded the samples, you will need to verify your voice clone using voice captcha. After it has been verified, it will be put into queue to be trained. This training process can take a few hours up to a day.
  • Sharing Your Voice Clone: Once your voice clone is ready, you can share it in the Voice Library by making it discoverable after a brief review process by ElevenLabs.
  • Earning Through Sharing: After it is shared and reviewed, one can earn cash rewards every time their voice is used. There is also the option to choose between earning cash or ElevenLabs credits. Setting up a Stripe Connect account is necessary to receive cash rewards, and you must have an active paid subscription (Starter or above)

You will be paid out once per week as long as you have more than $10 in earnings, provided you have an active paid subscription. If you do not have more than $10 and it has been more than a week, you will be paid out once you reach $10. There might be some discrepancy here depending on a few factors, but it should be mostly correct for most people.