What is the Voice Library?

  • Updated

The Voice Library (VL) is a marketplace where our community can share their voices for others to use, including Professional Voice Clones (PVCs) and synthetic Voice Designed voices. At the moment, Instant Voice Clones (IVCs) cannot be shared. These community voices are different than our Premade voices that you can find included in your account by default.

In this marketplace, we have provided filters to assist users who are searching for a specific style within the Voice Library. You can either apply these filters or search for a specific Voice by its name. At the top, you will find several different style suggestions to get started.

  • By hovering over the top-right corner of each Voice, you will see the number of users who have added these Voices will be displayed, so you can get an idea of how that voice is trending:

  • To filter for a specific voice type, simply click the "Filter Button" in the top-right corner of your screen:

  • If you want to search for a specific Voice in the Voice Library, simply type in the name of that Voice in the search bar on the left of the screen:

  •  By pressing "Sample" on each respective Voice,  a short performance example of that Voice will play
  • Once you have found a Voice you like, click "Add to VoiceLab." A small window will pop up, and you will be given the option to rename this voice to whatever you choose:

  • Your VoiceLab will then populate with this chosen Voice, and you will be able to use it across all features in ElevenLabs

Once you have shared your voice to the library, you will be able to search for your own voice this way. For more information, please visit our guide to the Voice Library.