How much does Dubbing cost?

  • Updated

The cost for dubbing varies depending on the settings you might use. It depends on whether you want to use Dubbing Studio or not, whether you want the watermark included or not, and of course, it depends on the length of the actual video you're trying to dub.

When you have set all of your settings, you will get the cost per minute of video or audio below the upload window when creating a dub.

Here are the different costs for each option at the time of writing this (2024-03-10):

  • Watermarked cost per minute: 2000 characters
  • Non-watermarked cost per minute: 3000 characters
  • Watermarked editor (Dubbing Studio) cost per minute: 5000 characters
  • Non-watermarked editor cost (Dubbing Studio) per minute: 10000 characters

Watermarks are only available for video dubs.