My professional voice clone failed or is delayed, what can I do?

  • Updated

Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, your professional voice clone might experience a few different states, such as being "delayed or failed.

  • Fine-tuning delayed
    We are sorry the training run experienced issues and will be retried. Please be patient, this can take a couple of days. No further action is required.

If your professional voice clone is delayed, it will automatically retry periodically and attempt to clone again. You do not have to take any action, as all of this will be automatic. However, keep in mind that it may retry multiple times before succeeding, or in the worst case, you might encounter a different error.

  • Fine-tuning failed with the following error
    The training run experienced issues and will not be retried.

If your voice has already been tried multiple times and AI still cannot clone the data that you provided, there might be an issue with the dataset that the AI cannot resolve. What you can try doing is deleting the voice and uploading the data again, starting from the beginning. This has been shown to help some users. The ideal approach would probably be to review your datasets and see if you can use different data to hopefully clone your voice since uploading the same data might work, but it might also be the reason why the AI is having issues to begin with.