I'm an Affiliate with lots of sign-ups, why haven't I been paid yet?

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You are rewarded for every paid signup through your referral link.

Once someone signs up for a paid subscription, the respective commission fee we owe you becomes active 90 days later. This is due to our customers' credit card dispute rights. - we want to avoid unnecessary refunds.

Once that period is over, the respective amount in 'Revenue' will then turn to 'Pending'.  There is a minimum payment threshold of $5, but once you've crossed that threshold, you will be paid the pending amount in the next payment period, which is between the 1st and 15th of each month.

Some funds may be held due to suspicious activity that is automatically flagged by our system - this may take some time to resolve as it is investigated manually.

For more information, please refer to your Partner Guidebook, which can be found by clicking the Resources Tab in your Partnerstack Dashboard.