When using the website, why am I getting a client-side error?

A client-side error typically points to issues within your browser or the cached data and cookies related to our website. It can often be resolved by clearing the browser cache.

Sometimes, the use of browser-based translation tools like Google Translate can unfortunately trigger these errors. This issue stems from some of the components that we use, and it's a known issue across most websites that use these components. We are working on finding a solution.

While we work on a solution, you can still use the website by temporarily pausing the translation feature. If you encounter a message regarding client-side errors after using the “Generate” feature in Speech Synthesis, rest assured that your audio should have been successfully generated and will be available in your History.

If you see a client side error message and you are not using translation in your browser, please try to resolve the issue by clicking “Try again”. If the issue persists, it can usually be resolved by clearing the cache for the website by pressing CTRL + F5. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Support by submitting a request here.

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