What does the status of my Professional Voice Clone mean?

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Your Professional Voice Clone (PVC) will go through a few different stages while it is processing.  These are reflected in the status shown on your PVC's voice card in your VoiceLab.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 172420.png

'Click to verify' - this status means that you can now verify your voice.  You can click this status icon to go through the verification process.

'Processing' - this may take up to an hour. If your voice still shows the 'Processing' status after more than an hour, it is likely that something has gone wrong and you might need to remove your voice and restart the process.

'Queued' - once you've successfully verified your voice, it will enter the queue.  This means that it is waiting for a slot in our service to open up so it can be trained.  The length of time that your voice will be queued will depend on how many other voices are also in the queue.

'Fine-tuning' - once a slot opens up, it will begin the fine-tuning process.  This can take between 6-24 hours.  If you see the status 'Fine-tuning !!', this indicates that the total duration of your samples is less than 2 hours, which is likely to result in sub-optimal clone quality.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 174031.png

'Delayed' - unfortunately, some voices fail during the fine-tuning process. If this happens, the status will show as 'Delayed'.  This means that your PVC has re-entered the queue for fine-tuning.  This is automatic, and requires no action on your part.

'Failed' - if your voice fails the fine-tuning process multiple times, the status will change to 'Failed'.  Unfortunately, this means that you will need to remove your voice and restart the process.  For more information on this, please see My professional voice clone failed or is delayed, what can I do?