What is Voiceover Studio?

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Similar to Dubbing Studio, Voiceover Studio gives users an opportunity to create their own interactive content, but with a little more freedom. Voiceover Studio combines the audio timeline with our Sound Effects feature, giving you the ability to write a dialogue between any number of speakers, choose those speakers, and intertwine your own creative sound effects anywhere you like.

To begin, you first have the option to upload a video or to create your Voiceover from scratch. After that, it’s as simple as pressing “Create Studio” - you can name your Voiceover before or after it’s created.

Once inside, you'll see your audio timeline.  This is a linear representation of your Voiceover project. Each row represents a track, and there are two types of track you can add: Voiceover tracks and SFX tracks.

Once you've added tracks, you can then add clips, which will be represented by speaker cards.

For a more in-depth explanation and guide on what Voiceover Studio is and how to use it, we recommend reading our full overview of Voiceover Studio.

Voiceover Studio is available on the Creator plan and above.