What is Sound Effects?

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Our sound effects generator allows you to generate any sound imaginable by inputting a prompt.  Create anything from blockbuster sound design for films, to everyday sounds for your video game.

To get started, visit Sound Effects or select 'Sound Effects' in the sidebar on the left while logged into your account. 

Enter your prompt in the text box.  There is a maximum length of 450 characters for your prompt.  

You can use the settings to control the duration of the sound effect, and how strictly the AI follows your prompt.  If you don't specify the length of the clip, the AI will decide the audio length.

Each time you select 'Generate', the AI will generate full variations of the prompt you've given.

Each generation costs 200 characters if you let the AI decide the length, or 40 characters per second if you set the duration yourself.  The maximum duration is 22 seconds.

For more details, please see our full overview of Sound Effects.