How can I use Google Pay?

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ElevenLabs accepts Google Pay, but there are a few requirements for it to show at checkout.


Google Pay is only available in certain countries

Use the link below to check if our payment processor (Stripe) accepts Google Pay from your country.


Google Chrome browser is required

Google Pay is not integrated with other web browsers, so the Google Pay button will only show at checkout if you are using Google Chrome. Google Pay is unavailable in Google Chrome for Apple iOS. It will not be possible to add Google Pay as a payment method using an iPhone or iPad (Mac computer is fine). Do not use an incognito window By default Google Pay will not be available in an incognito window. It is possible to get it working, but enabling in incognito mode is not covered here.


Sign in with the correct Google Account

Prior to checking out, log in to the Google account that is associated with the Google Pay account you intend to use for the transaction.


Check payment settings in Google Chrome

The Google Pay button will not show if certain payment settings are disabled in Chrome. Chrome for desktop Open Chrome settings and click Autofill in the menu followed by "Payment methods". Enable both "Save and fill payment methods" and "Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved" Chrome for Android phones & tablets Open Chrome settings and tap on "Payment methods". Enable "Save and fill payment methods".


Ensure that a valid card is added to Google Pay

Google Pay checkout will not be available unless a valid card is already saved to your Google Pay account.


Google Pay may not be available on older devices

If your device and/or Google Chrome are not on the latest update available, updating might allow you to checkout with Google Pay.


Additional Google Pay troubleshooting info

Google Pay checkout may not be available or Google may not be able to verify your card if you are connected to a VPN or using a rooted device. If you do not know what "rooted" means, it is safe to say that it does not apply to you.


It may take up to 5 minutes for Google Pay checkout to become available after meeting the requirements listed above.

The screenshots below show the browser payment settings to enable in Chrome for desktop & mobile as well as how the Google Chrome button will appear at checkout when all requirements have been met.