When will my professional voice clone (PVC) be ready?

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Professional Voice Cloning involves training (fine-tuning) the model on large sets of a particular speaker’s voice to create a custom model.

Once you've uploaded your samples and verified your voice, your Professional Voice Clone will be added to the queue. The estimated training time is roughly 3-6 hours for English PVCs and 4-8 hours for non-English PVCs. This is dependent on a few factors, so it is hard to give an exact estimate. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take longer. The tag on the voice card in your VoiceLab should say "Fine-tuning" while the voice is being trained.

Hopefully, you will get your voice more quickly than the estimate, but we would still recommend you keep your expectations tempered. As demand grows, we can hopefully run these batches more periodically.

When your PVC has completed the fine-tuning process, you will receive a notification that your voice is now ready for use and you can find it in your VoiceLab.