How many voice slots do I get per tier and how can I increase it?

  • Updated

The number of custom voices you can have saved in your VoiceLab at any time depends on your plan:

  • Starter: 10
  • Creator: 30
  • Pro: 160
  • Scale: 660

You can free up voice slots by removing voices from your VoiceLab. To do this, click 'Remove' in the bottom right corner of the voice card in your VoiceLab.  If you remove a voice that has been removed from the Voice Library, you will not be able to save it to your VoiceLab again in the future.

If you need more voice slots than are available on your tier, you would need to upgrade your account in order to add more voices.

Adding, editing and removing voices from your VoiceLab count as voice operations.  Each subscription has a monthly quota of voice operations, which resets each billing cycle:

  • Starter: 65
  • Creator: 95
  • Pro: 290
  • Scale: 1040