What is My Voices?

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My Voices, previously VoiceLab, is our one-stop-shop for voice cloning and creating new voices.

You can generate synthetic voices using Voice Design.  These voices can be shared with individuals via a sharing link.

On the Starter plan and above, you can use Instant Voice Cloning to create cloned voices with just 1-3 minutes of training audio.  Voices created using Instant Voice Cloning are instantly available for use in Speech Synthesis.  You must have permission to clone the voice, and only you have access to the Instant Voice Clones that you create.

On the Creator plan and above, you can use Professional Voice Cloning to create a hyper-realistic model of your own voice.  This process takes longer, as it involves training a dedicated model on a large set of voice data.  You can share your PVC with individuals by whitelisting them.  You can also share it with the Voice Library.

For more information on how to share your voices, please see How do I share a voice?