How do I share a voice?

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We allow the sharing of synthetic voices designed using our voice designer tool, as well as professionally cloned voices. There are a few difference between the two:

  • Professional Voice Clones: When sharing a Professional Voice Clone of your voice, you have full control over how you want it shared. If you decide at some point to unshare it, those who have added it to their library will also lose access.
    • You can share your voice to individuals by whitelisting them.
    • You can share your voice to the Voice Library and even earn money via out Voice Actor Payouts! More on this further down.
  • Voice Designed Voices: When sharing a Voice Designed voice, you have less control. If you decide to stop sharing the voice at some point, those who have already added it to their voice library will continue to have access to it.
    • You can share a link with individual users and give them access to the voice that way.

    • You can share the voice to the Voice Library and make it discoverable there. If you do, you can earn back characters if users use your shared voice. However, you cannot earn payouts with synthetic voices; you can only earn back characters that you've spent.

Sharing your voice is quite simple.

To do so, go to the VoiceLab and find a card for the voice that you want to share. In the upper right corner, you will see the share button.

Click on this button, and a popup with the toggle for sharing will appear. Before sharing, make sure to read through all of the information provided, as it includes some details that can be good to know. This label will appear slightly different depending on whether you're sharing a synthetic voice or a professionally cloned voice.

You have two options when sharing a voice. You can either share it using the link which you can give to your friends or colleagues, and no one else can add the voice except those who have the link. If you're sharing a professionally cloned voice, you will also need to add these people to the whitelist of emails so that those accounts are the only ones that can add the voice. This is not needed for synthetic voices.

Additionally, you can click "Discovery in Voice Library". If you allow this, it means that anybody can add your voice from the Voice Library. However, first, the voice needs to be reviewed for moderation so please follow the naming guidelines. You can find them here.

For Professional Voice Clones, you will have a few options. Please, to get more information about each option, hover over the ( ! ) next to each of them. I will go through them briefly.

  • Enable Financial Rewards: This option will allow you to earn money instead of characters when someone uses your voice. You will need to set up a Stripe Connect account before you can start earning characters.

  • Set Notice Period: This is essentially an assurance for the user that if you ever decide to unshare your voice, they will have a notice period before it is completely removed. If you set a notice period for 90 days, after you unshare it, the users will have 90 days to finish what they are working on before they lose access to the voice.

    • It is important to note, that during this notice period, you will not be able to remove your voice. You will first have to initiate your notice period and have it elapse before you can fully remove your voice. You will also not be able to create a new Professional Voice Clone before you've fully removed the voice.
  • Choose Rate: By default, your earnings are based on the pricing tier of the users who use your voice. However, you can set this to a custom rate, which instead means that the user will have to pay a set amount of money per thousand characters they use.

  • Live Moderation: If enabled, we will use tools to check whether requests to use your voice model contain text that belongs to a number of prohibited categories. These tools are intended to stop users from applying your voice model to text belonging to a prohibited category, but they may not catch every instance of prohibited content. Please read the full tooltip about this feature before activating it.

Once shared, your voice will need to be reviewed by our team. Once it has been verified, people will start using the voice!

You can also see metrics for your voice after sharing it. The share button will now be turned into a chart, which you can click to both change sharing settings and see your metrics.

Please see the Voice Library Addendum to our Terms of Service for more information.